Virtual Hard Drive Pro v.11

Create a RAM disk from unlimited memory!

Virtual Hard Drive Pro takes a portion of your system memory and creates a RAM disk,
which functions like a hard drive with dramatically reduced read and write times.

Product Overview

File and applications perform up to 340 time faster, making Virtual Hard Drive Pro the program of choice for reducing server load and the response time of calculation-intensive applications.

Virtual Hard Drive Pro supports an unlimited amount of RAM, and is designed to improve the performance of server-based operations.

Features & Benefits

* Blazing Speed
Install files, applications, and databases on a virtual hard drive to run them up to 340 times faster in RAM — with no changes the way they’re used
* Reduced wear and tear
A virtual hard drive never wears out. You can run it at maximum bandwidth without fear of mechanical failure or performance-slowing fragmentation
* Quiet, cool operation
Unlike a hard drive, your system RAM contains no moving parts to generate noise and heat

How to Use Virtual Hard Drive Pro

Businesses operating multiple servers responding to multiple requests can improve access speed by moving frequently accessed html files to a virtual hard drive. You can even store an entire database in RAM! Create a virtual hard drive to boost the performance of:

* Web browsers (cache for faster web surfing)
* Software compilers
* Databases
* Custom applications with high I/O, high bandwidth, or high security requirements
* SETI processing
* TEMP files
* Swap space
* Web server cache

Download :

For a tutorial on how to download from Rapidshare, visit this page.


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