The Airbus A380 is the world's largest passenger plane. It is also the heaviest and the costliest commercial passenger aircraft ever built. If you want to buy it, it will cost you more than $300 million apiece.

Its double-deck passenger cabins are wider than other airliners in service today, offering the possibility for wider seats and aisles, along with more open spaces and access to optional passenger amenities such as business centres and social areas.

Vast cabin mock-ups were conducted in eight major cities on three continents and the views of 1,200 frequent travellers - male and female and from a range of cultures and nationalities - were recorded.

Compared to a 747, the A380 has larger windows and overhead bins, and 60 cm of extra headroom.

The aircraft has features like spas, casinos, gyms, bedrooms, and duty-free shops. Some airlines also plan to fix staterooms with beds, showers, a water feature, a double-width staircase between decks, and luxurious, book-lined club-style bars.

Some airlines have opted to offer 12 first class single suites on its first Airbus A380 flight. Two suites joined together becomes a double suite fitted with a 23-inch -- yes 23-inch -- television and beds that turn into leather day chairs

The plane also has a fitness centre. Some airlines even plan to have a swimming pool on board and will also do away with the traditional trolley service during meal times and will have self-service food counters for its passengers.


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