Creative landscape pictures where the scenario, n each n everything is made of FOOD !!!
We know that Internet is a vast resource of people information, art, multimedia…well, is a place where can find extraordinary things.
Here I found an interesting and creative landscape pictures where the scenario is entirely made of food!!! Carl Warner is the author , creator of these amazing pictures called Foodscapes.

If you look carefully you can see that the sea is made from red salmon fillets, the rough sea is made from grated carrots n the night sea is made from blue cabbage, pebbles are made from beans, small stones are made from rice, tree trunks are made from ginger and asparagus stalks, rocks are made from nuts, foliage, grass n tree leaves are made from coriander and parsley, boulders are made from potato and sweet potato, cactus are made from lettuce leaf, sky is made from from blueberry fruit strips, clouds made from cauliflower, rivers are made from sesame seeds, capers n blueberry jelly!!!

The sand is made from minced nuts n poppy seeds, the clear blue water is made from clear blueberry jelly, trees are made of broccolis and green jalapeneo peppers, walls made of rice, mountains made of bread n buns, hot balloons made of apples, strawberries, garlic pods, bananas, oranges.......... well, these pictures are just fantastic!

The Meat pictures are made from various cuts of meat n meat products, cooked n raw! each n everything is made from meat !!!

The star shower monument in Kaunas, Lithuania.


In the daytime this monument doesn’t make any sense,


but when night comes down to the city…


Here are some beautiful scenaries along with their breathtaking reflections in water. They look like a complete picture, not as a reflection. :)

When nature decides to shoot it all to smithereens it uses giant ice bullets. Extreme hail is probably the most dangerous and life-threating weather event for those unlucky enough to be in the open. It leaves fist-sized dents in the sheet metal, destroys windshields and comes down with a force that some compare with hand grenades, or an artillery attack.

A murderous hailstorm in the Middle East, which decimated livestock and seemed to particularly dislike SUVs:

(photos credit: bankny)

Guo Huang sent us photographs, documenting the process and aftermath of one such crazy "drum-solo" from hell:

(photo credit:

(image credit:

Larger hailstones (bigger than 4 inches) usually have rings, which are visible if you split them in the middle:

The growing ice-crystals are fusing together, which results in irregular shape for the giant hail:

Airplanes are significantly damaged by hailstorms sometimes, as well. Here is an EasyJet Boeing 737-300: