Rapidshare.com is one of the biggest file hosting service on net. We can upload files on their servers. We get the download link for each file, which we can spread for using it to download the file.

The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 100MB. The files uploaded by free users are deleted after 60days of inactivity, whereas the files uploaded by premium users are not deleted.

Rapidshare puts a limitation on the number of files and the amount of data that is downloaded at a time by free users. Free users can download only a single file at a time. It restricts the amount of data by ip-addresses.

The other details can be found in the site

Here is the tutorial on How to Download from Rapidshare.com.

Step 1:
Enter the link in the browser.

Step 2:
We will get the page as shown below.

Click on the "FREE" Button as shown.

Step 3:
We get the page as shown below.

The timer value varies, usually starts around 2.0 minutes.

Sometimes, the site responds with the message, "The ip-address is already downloading a file, please try after $$ minutes." The time varies from 60 minutes to 180 minutes.
If you have a net connection, which has dynamic ip-address allocation, such as an ADSL- connection, then you can switch the modem off n on. This forces the modem to acquire a new ip-address. Now if u try again, the rapidshare will give the page as shown above.
If the net connection doesnt have dynamic ip-address allocation, then you have to wait till the time mentioned and then try again.

Step 4:
After the previous step, we get to the final page as shown.

In this page, we see a list of server names. We are free to select any of the servers. My recommendation is to leave it to the default.

Below the list of servers, we see a 4 digit alpha-numeric code. This code is usually given in a cryptic way as shown. Enter the code(use capitals) in the small box below the code and press the download button.

Done. Now the file should be downloading....

Important :
1. As far as i know, Rapidshare doesnt support download mangers for FREE users. Hence disable your download managers while downloading from rapidshare. Also the resume capability is absent for Free users.

2. Rapidshare doesnt have a search function. We have to get the links to the files from the uploaders or from some place to download them. We cant search for the links in Rapidshare.

3. Premium account users doesnt have to wait. They can download through download managers and they even have resume capability. But you have to pay to get premium membership. The details can be found in the figure in step 3.

Happy Downloading!!!


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