There are hundreds of posts available on the internet about photoshop and photo manipulation. You probably have also seen many photos or images that have been photoshopped and inspire others. Today, we are posting another post that probably will make you look twice. In this post we are listing 21 Brilliant Photos That Look Like They’re Photoshopped But Are Not. These are not photoshopped in terms of that all the objects and their actions are real but might be editied for colors and adjustments. I appreciate to all those talented photographers who taken these excellent photos with their efforts, imaginations and creativity to give us a chance to see these photographic wonders from their creative eyes. This list is not long in numbers but I promise you that when you start browsing them in details it will surely refresh you and force you to know more about these photographers. These are the wonder creations of photographers who use their creativity with a different angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference. Click on the images to go from where the images has been taken and learn more about their creators and to appreciate them.

Infinite Possibilities by Philip Perold

She by Adam Holweg

Cloud Shadows and Rays by philliefan99

In Memoriam by Frank Daske

Bubbles by Flor

Torch for Seattle by hb19

Fall by A. Zahron

A cloud of tea by Gilles Pinault

The metallic eye by Diego Salom Pedemonti

Seemingly by Jean Leopold

Water by Katosu

holding on to daylight by hb19

Trampet in the Sunset by Hye

Falling Up by nikki.jane

Magic Mushroom by CSD

Nelly by chriskaula

Rose Of Many Colours by Jonathan Jones

Ball of Life by BigRPhoto


Clouds by Jotamyg

Dancing Water by Nevery

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