Five Flower Lake in Jiuzhaigon National Park, China, is known for its crystal
turquoise waters. The floor of the lake is littered with ancient fallen trees
from the surrounding forests.

Another view of Peyto Lake in Banff, demonstrating how light reflection can
drastically alter the colour of water.

This amazing shot was taken near Uyuni, Bolivia. The dark green waters are so
calm the mountains are reflected perfectly.

Wise Lake turned green from overhanging trees at Congaree National Park
in South Carolina.

A cleverly placed sunglasses lens in front of the camera turns
Kournas Lake in Crete an interesting green colour.

A lime green colored lake at Mill Hollow in the Unita Forest
is actually named Yellow Lake.

Wonderful shot of a large salt lake, Uyuni, Bolivia. The red colour is caused by
astronomical numbers of microscopic, unicellular organisms living in the water and salt crust.

Deep red tones over Lake Michigan at dusk.

A deep red lake at Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland.

Purple and blue skies at sunset over Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada.


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