The Africans:

There is a Zebra hidden in their clothes.

Fly Fishing Trip:

This painting depicts a man on a fly fishing trip. If this guy knew what else there is to be seen in this forest, he probably wouldn't be fishing though ...
The rock in the river are shaped like a naked woman

Hidden Lion:

Can you find the lion. You'll have to admit this is really cool.

The Hidden Tiger:

Can you find ... The hidden tiger ? Not the very obvious one, of course.
The sentence The Hidden Tiger is written in the tiger stripes.


Can you see what is hidden in this picture ?
The seagulls spell out the word LOVE.

Hidden Orchestra:

Mr. Rust has hidden an orchestra in plain sight! But where ?
In the mountains.


The statue on the left of the painting is obvious. But there is also another person playing music. Where is he, and what musical instrument is he playing?
A Saxophone player in front of the right pillar.

Lost Tiger:

Start looking at this image with your nose to the screen. You'll see puzzle pieces, some in the shape of animals. Now keep increasing your distance from the screen until you can see the lost tiger!


Something is hidden in the barn. Can you find it ?
The barn door shows an antique car.

Valley of the Tiger:

From a distance this is the painting of a tiger. In close-up it's a grassy landscape with some small rivers and two tigers. This is one of the best ambiguous images around because it works so well on both levels.

The waterfall looks like a group of horses standing next to each other.

The hill on the left gives the illusion of the head of a fox (or wolf).

There is a tiger hidden in this picture. Look closely at the centre of the picture and you can spot the tiger.

There are 3 wolves waiting to get hold of the deer! Cant spot them??
Look at the mountains.

The region between the two trees look like the face of a human.


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