10 friends lived together on top of a 100-storied building. Once when they returned after an outing, they found, to their dismay that the lift was not working. Having no alternative, they decided to lighten the arduous climb by narrating a humorous story each. By the time it was the turn of the last person, they had almost reached the top floor. The tenth person said, "I am sorry, but my story is really tragic. Hearing it, will break your hearts to pieces. It's only a one-line story though -
I have forgotten the key downstairs!"

Right from our early childhood, it's drilled into us that the way to becoming happy is to make it big in life. And accordingly, we roll back our sleeves and get down to work. Slowly, painfully we struggle up the ladder of material success. School, SSC, HSC, Engg/Medical, MBA/MS, Project Leader, Manager, Managing Director, CEO... The dream career growth chart. Assuming that one succeeds (a big assumption), what next?

Just take a look at the life of any of the supposedly successful people around you. Big money, big cars, big houses. And big enemies, big underworld dons, big tensions, big terrors! But wasn't happiness their goal when they started off? What went wrong?

This is a story which we all can relate to, isn't it?

Just as the ten friends forgot about the key while hearing anecdotes, the modern man also forgets the goal of happiness while working hard for achieving his goals. He gets so caught up in the struggle for success (or at least survival) that he forgets that he is not getting any happiness. And it goes on till the 100th floor: death. "I forgot the key to happiness. I foamed and fumed in vain." But by then, it's too late.

Let's look at our own lives. Till whatever rung we have climbed on "The ladder of success", have we become happy? No matter how much we achieve, happiness eludes us. "Its just one step away", but that's the way it always stays, no matter how many steps we take. But an intelligent person will think, "Just a minute, what am I running after?"

Think about your true well being. Get serious, before it gets too late!!


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