Here is the continuation of the Creative Ads. post.

1. Formula Toothcare Advertisement :
“Builds strong teeth”

2. iPod Nano Advertisement :

3. FedEx Advertisement :
Amusing FedEx ad that features UPS inside the Fedex truck. The words on the UPS truck are German. Competitive advertisement at its best.

4. Ironing Service Advertisement :

5. Mr. Clean Advertisement :

6. Eskom Electricity Advertisement :

7. BMW Advertisement :

8. Jobsintown Advertisement :
Creative advertisements for

9. Whiskas Origami Advertisement :

10. Star Wars Movie Advertisement :
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

11. Calcutta School of Music Advertisement :

12. Rotkäppchen “Pacman” Advertisement :

13. Hush Puppies Advertisement :
Casual footwear for the entire family.

14. Denver Water Advertisement 2 :
Use only what you need.


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